SelCom - Custom Electronic Solution Български

Manufacturing Services

  • Volume regardless high-quality, cost-effective production
  • Large volumes to small production runs
  • Partner's modern automation equipment combined with skilled manual assembly
  • Competitive prices and scheduled delivery
  • Serial number or lot traceability
  • Boxed to ship direct to end user

PCB Fabrication

Using manufacturing facilities of our PCB production partners
Single and double sided, multilayer

PCB Assembly

Surface mount, through-hole and mixed
Fully automated insertion using partners facilities
Manual placement and soldering in low volume

Device Assembly

Cable and wire harness assembly
Electromechanical subsystem assembly
System-level assembly

Functional Testing

PCB level functional test
Device/System level functional test
Firmware programming

Parts Supply

Parts sourcing and procurement
Obsolete and hard-to-find components sourcing
Access to In-house stock of parts
Material traceability
Consigned Material Projects

Prototypes & Pre-Production

With in-house prototyping and pre-production capability, we can:

  • Demonstrate and optimize manufacturing processes for your product
  • Demonstrate repeatable product performance
  • Provide several units (typically 10 to 100) for verification in your final system
  • Provide units for agency certification testing

Then you are ready to move smoothly into fullscale production.